EXPERIMENT - Hazelnut Bar

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Hazelnut Bar

~ with Hazelnut spread and Maui Sea Salt ~ 

Our studio is always experimenting and enjoying the taste and textures of new ingredient combinations.  And we offer these to our customers at an incredible price point so they can enjoy our journey as well.

This particular experiments ingredient list consists of:

  • Outer Shell = Nicaragua O'Payo ORIGIN 70/30 chocolate.
  • Hazelnut spread: hazelnuts, whole cacao beans, coconut milk and cane sugar
  • Whole roasted hazelnuts
  • Maui black sea salt

All made in house.

we are about FRESHNESS, AROMATICS and EXPERIENCE.  These are very limited in production

Our chocolate is hand made in small special batches and curated to the highest standards... and we are always over the MOON.  

 ~ True Chocolate is Truly Delicious ~


45 grams : Ingredients listed above.

[VEGAN | non-GMO | Direct Trade | Organic | Gluten Free | Soy Free | Egg Free | Dairy Free | Peanut Free | 100% plant based]


These are a limited edition.. Simply because we make industrious small batch chocolate recipes.  Reserve yours for pick-up at our studio.  During shopping cart checkout, select In-Store Pick-up and we will reserve your order: Bring in your receipt to pick-up.

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