Honey Crunch

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~ Celebrate Bees Everyday ~ 

Busy Bees are the earths friend: they pollinate, they build, they are very industrious, they work together and of course, look AMAZING at the same time.  

We honour Newfoundland bees is this delicious bar combination.   The honey is aerated into a cotton candy and tucked under the chocolate.  the Bee Pollen follows suit.. and both inclusions provide a crunchy flavourful experience.  

Our chocolate is hand made in small special batches and curated to the highest standards... and we are always over the MOON.  

 ~ True Chocolate is Truly Delicious ~


30 grams : Organic Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar,

Newfoundland Honey (Tuck's Bee Better) and Newfoundland Bee Pollen (Tuck's Bee Better) 

[non-GMO | Direct Trade | Organic | Gluten Free | Soy Free | Oh Yeah! | 100% plant based]


These are a limited edition.. Simply because we make industrious small batch chocolate recipes.  Reserve yours for pick-up at our studio.  During shopping cart checkout, select In-Store Pick-up and we will reserve your order: Bring in your receipt to pick-up.

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