Mango Chili

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~ Sweet Mango | Tangy Lemon | Hot Chili Peppers  ~ 

Wandering through a taste dichotomy... or should we say trichotomy...   This wonderful creation has a beginning , an end.. and multiple bifurcation points that take you on a journey .. that you will dream about taking on many times over and over.  The tingle is real....!!!! 

We honour sweet and zesty with our latest creation.. and a flavour experience like no other...  

Our chocolate is hand made in small special batches and curated to the highest standards... and we are always over the MOON.  

 ~ True Chocolate is Truly Delicious ~


30 grams : Coconut Milk Powder, Cane Sugar, Mangos, Chili Peppers and Lemon Zest, Cacao Beans (All ingredients ORGANIC)

[VEGAN | non-GMO | Direct Trade | Organic | Gluten Free | Soy Free | Oh Yeah! | 100% plant based]


These are a limited edition.. Simply because we make industrious small batch chocolate recipes.  Reserve yours for pick-up at our studio.  During shopping cart checkout, select In-Store Pick-up and we will reserve your order: Bring in your receipt to pick-up.

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