About US

JACOBEAN Craft Chocolate began as an idea several years ago.. hearing and reading about the bean-to-bar movement, the amazing journey of crafting your own chocolate and working with Cacao beans... our future was cast in chocolate...

...we started with sourcing and buying great hand crafted chocolate from around the world and eating our way through countless bean-to-bar varieties,  our taste for chocolates made using industrial chocolate dwindled and our addiction for these new and wonderful bean-to-bar flavours grew. it was just a matter of time before the cost of opening our own bean-to-bar studio was the cheaper option.

We started by crafting small batches of chocolate, which grew into larger batches.. and we began sourcing and buying greater and greater amounts of origin cacao beans.... and soon we found ourselves in a small comfy studio in 2018.   This move allowed us to get a little bit more organized (wink) and our handcrafted chocolate and attention to the finer details were allowed to blossom even further.  We are over the moon excited to bring to Newfoundland and Labrador bean-to-bar chocolate... Being 1st is always exciting.


Bean-To-Bar : means that our studio makes their chocolate directly from Cacao Beans.


Our name, JACOBEAN, came about from many levels.  I am a woodworker and love the many periods of architectural styles; Rococo, Arts and Crafts, Tudor and Georgian, however, the JACOBEAN style is my favourite.  The scroll work, wooded carvings and furniture in the JACOBEAN style is bold, rustic yet articulate. 

During the JACOBEAN period, Shakespeare was a dominant figure and wrote his greatest tragedies (Tempest, King Lear and Macbeth) , the Globe Theater was a hub of activity for showcasing these plays, poetry and the arts were in full bloom and going through a renaissance.   And I love Shakespeare.

And finally, during the JACOBEAN era, John Mason detailed a Map of Newfoundland around 1617.  He was an explorer and cartographer.. One of the interesting aspects of this map is that it is upside down... That certainly caught my eye.... 


Given the connection of the JACOBEAN period woodworking, the ultra cool map, that fact that Europe in general was experiencing an arts Renaissance and the chocolate industry is currently going through its own Renaissance, it was clear what our name was going to be...  and the iconic John Mason map became our emblem.  



One last note, it's "JAH-KOHBE-ANN"